Blue Blood Rebellion

First Session
The Story So Far...

This is the story of Fiona and Blorgh.

Having just barely escaped the anger of Fiona’s past clients, Blorgh and Fi hopped on the first ship out of Ystaff, heading towards a new life of adventure: Si’Dan.

Arriving in Si’Dan, Fi met with her contract Marx. Marx owed Fi a life debt, and he repayed the debt by setting them up in a Safehouse in the Eastern District. They were also given a job offer, involving a meeting with their potential new employers at sundown.

The meeting place was held at the Eastern Emporium, where Fi and Blorgh were greeted by Davian, the leader of The Blue Bloods. He put them to a task: steal a box from a workshop, and bring it back to him. His only rule was not to leave any witnesses.

Fiona and Blorgh managed to get into the workshop through a back alley, coaxing an entrance from a strange, rather cuddle loving magical thorn bush. They sneaked themselves in without incident, silencing the only witness they happened upon, a young slave within the house.

They managed to gain the box they needed and headed out, but not before being seen and attacked by the workshop’s security. They fought their way through, slaughtering guards left and right. By some acrobatic tricks, a couple of fancy attacks and weapon throws, they managed to kill everyone who had sighted them. While escaping, Blorgh threw a hand axe at a guard, and unfortunately managed to lodge it so deep, it got swallowed together with the guard into the hungry thorn bush.

Total Spoils from Barvello’s Workshop: 1 of each Silver, Gold and Copper scripts, as well as the mission objective.

Fi and Blorgh are on their way back to the Eastern Emporium in order to hand in their objective and see if they cant get some real assignment.


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