Known Information

Si’Dan is a large port town located on the bottom tip on the centermost of three large islands in Wayfarer Isles. It’s central location makes it a natural resting point for ships, creating a large trade culture. Because of this, Si’Dan is the place to go to get items from around the Wayfarer Isles, as well as lands beyond.


Ancient History

Many consider Si’Dan to be the first major city established in the Wayfarer Isles, though many academics disagree (especially Asmundians) and instead argue that Asmund is the first city. The reason for Si’Dan being a prime candidate is due to its proximity to Faer’s Landing, the first recorded settlement in the Wayfarer Isles.

Settlement of Si’Dan was first done by the Dragonborn, led by Sious. He brought all the Dragonborn eggs they ferried from the mainland and hatched them in Si’Dan, bringing in the first Dragonborn colony in centuries.

Recent History

Due to the melting pot of characters in Si’Dan, fights, brawls and even large scale crime appears regularly, causing tension within the communities. Regardless, Si’Dan was always the go-to place for racial equality up until the First Migration. The Dragonborn never wished for anyone to be as pushed-down as they once were, and therefore preached goodwill to all.

Since the First Migration, nearly all Dragonborn in Si’Dan are dead or under servitude in Asmund. The Asmundians are attempting to take Si’Dan from the new Dragonborn appointed rules of Darion and Klepoor.


Si’Dan is a natural inlet, creating a port with shielding from the harsh waves of the Sea. From this inlet, districts have emerged based upon the flow of wealth and goods.

The Western District, closest to Asmund, flourished from the influx of Lorium and textiles from Asmund’s famous shops. A sepperate port even appeared on the Western side, outside the inlet, where Grand Mansions and summer homes were built for wealthy Asmundians to spend their vacations.

The Eastern District was first nearly as wealthy as the Western. Gold, manpower and raw materials poured in from Ystaff and the elven lands, trading hands with the farmers, magicians and artisans of Asmund. However, the civil unrest in Ystaff after Asmund denounced them as a society caused trading to diminish, and the workshops in the Eastern District to dissipate. Coupled together with the influx of people from the First Migration being dumped in the Eastern District caused it to quickly degrade into Si’Dans Slums.

The Upper District, generally known as the Red District, is where the upper class of Si’Dan reside. Though not technically georgraphically Northward of the rest of Si’Dan, the beachfront property of Little Asmund is also considered part of the Upper District. Here, professional artisans, Guild headquarters and the Government Building is located, making it the political powerhouse of Si’Dan.


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