Eastern District

Known Information

The Eastern District, coloquially refered to as the Easts, makes up most of the South-East areas of Si’Dan. The area is infamous for crime, poor housing conditions, and being the most crowded areas of Si’Dan. The Easts are further divided up as the Slums and the Docks.

The Slums

Most crowded area in all of Si’Dan, the Slums are comprised of hundreds of buildings hastilly put together during the First Migration. While other areas of Si’Dan have been planned out, the Slums just appeared as needed for the people wishing to live there.
The Slums, like nearly all of Si’Dan, is crisscrossed by the Winding Waterway, connecting it to the other areas by channel.
It is known that one should not travel through the Slums after dark without preparing for a fight.

The Docks

While not as crummy as the Slums, the Docks are still considered one of the poorest areas of Si’Dan. Seeing as Si’Dan is the largest port town in all of the Wandering Isles, many who live in the Docks are up-and-coming traders who, while currently not wealthy, at least have enough money to survive.
Many of the houses in the Docks have port side views or even bayside locations. Even a lowly merchant can find a decently priced home with access to either its own or a larger community shared port for their own boat.

Eastern District

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