First Migration

Basic Information

The First Migration referes to the ensuing mas exodus to Si’Dan from the neighbouring Independent Nations as a result of the Si’Dan Masacre at the end of the Great War. The war, the masacre and the ensuing exodus all occured as a result of tensions between Asmund, the oppresive Western Empire and The Independent Nations, led by Naval Commander Ysal Taffy.

The Build Up

Asmund is a large empire covering several both small and large islands in the western half of the Wayfarer Isles. They believe in purity and order, following what they believe are the tennants set forth by Mother Morenn.

An exact opposite of this can be found the the Independent Nations (IN), built up by a contingency of smaller islands both in the eastern, northern, southern and North-Western parts of the Wayfarer Isles. The IN created a trade agreement with each other, culminating in a signing in Si’Dan in 522 AF (now known as 83 BM). The main goal of this agreement was to establish free trade not only between sivilizations, but also between races, something Asmund greatly disaproved of. their beliefs strictly prohibit the interaction between Pure Bloods (the upper members of their society) and Blue Bloods (the subraces, made up of all non-human races. Identifyable by their non-red blood).

The Boiling Point

The inciting incident arrived in 588 AF (17 BM). After 66 years of uneasy peace between Asmund and the Independent Nations, all hell broke lose when an Asmundian ship, carrying Lorium to the Elven Isles, got caught in a strong current. They were pulled towards the Laughing Harpies, dangerous rocky spires jutting out from the sea just below the Elven Isles. An IN Naval fleet happened upon the struggling Asmundians, and immedietly went to the rescue. The fleet, helmed by a local elf known as Florei, managed to save the Asmundians. The Asmundian captain, Ysal, thanked Florei and gave them a part of their haul as a reward.

The rescue, however, did not go over as well when Ysal returned to Asmund. The Trading Guild head was furious that Ysal, a Pure Blood, not only spoke to, but gifted a Blue Blood a part of their cargo. He equated it as stealing, and reported to the Asmundian high council. After such uneasy peace, Asmund was twitchy, ready for war. They declared the rescue attempt a declaration of war by the Independent Nations.

Ysal fought the decision, bargained on the part of the Independent Nations, and eventually ended up clashing blades with one of the war ministers. The high council denounced Ysal, casting him out of their society. As a final act of punishment, the high magnus cursed Ysal to bear the apperance of those he fought for, mixing his blood with that of a demon.

The Great War


The Independent Nations responded to the declaration, and sent their naval fleets. Every Nation was called upon to send what they had, and each did. Ships came from Finn’s Forest people, The Isle of Elves, Foreigner’s Isle, and Tevinter. Most of the infantry was drafted from the locals in Tevinter and Si’Dan, being the largest Nations to call on.

Great Naval battles ensued in both the Eastern and Western Seas. Campaigns were pushed, and each side gave and took during the battles. In the begining years, Asmund had the advantage, having an already mobalized and trained fleet. They pushed far, going towards the headquarters then situated in the Elven Isles. However, Tevinter and Si’Dans forces, together with ships from Foreigner’s Isle, pushed them back into the Western Theater. A larger base was set up in Tevinter, at the Lonely Foretress outside Tevinter’s capital.

Asmund attempted to capture Si’Dan after their defeat by the Elven Isles, pushing with a large naval force, regaining Little Asmund and nearly taking the port. However, at the darkest hours of the Si’Dan Invasion, Ysal Taffy, former naval commander of the 8th Asmundian Naval Fleet, swooped in with a battalion of scoundrels and lowlifes from around Si’Dan and Tevinter. They retook the citystate, and pushed the Asmundians back. The Tevinter forces joined them, and pushed hard, gaining ground as far as Asmundian soil.

Morann’s Tears and the Final Push

Stepping foot on the end of the Asmundian continent sealed the future of the subraces in the eyes of the Asmundians. They had desecrated their most holy place. Due to this, it was demanded that something drastic be done, so no vagabond subrace were ever to step foot there again.


With backing from the council, the combined forces of Tevinter, Si’Dan and the rest of the Independent Nations were met by only the high magus herself. Mother Minerva, last of her name, stood alone against an army of thousands. She called forth the most destructive of magic, using all of her might and power. The Asmundian Aracane magic, together with the primal forces she called forth, sent down a wave of destruction never before witnessed. It split the earth in pieces, causing most of the IN army to either drown or get decimated in the initial blast. Minerva herself disappeared in the magic, turning to nothing but dust.

The naval fleet, coming in as back up for the front line infantry, saw the horror. Most of the Asmundian continent broke to pieces, drifting into separate islands. It was confirmed that not a single soul survived the blast, Asmundian or Independent. Written accounts can still be found from Ysal’s crew, which witnessed the event together with their captain.

With the Independent Nation’s army destroyed, there was very little in Asmund’s way. They pushed back the naval fleet, and managed to gain the Western Theatre once more. Eventually, they managed to push all the way to Si’Dan. It was here, in 605 AF, later known as year 0, where Asmund masacred every single subspecies in Si’Dan. Over a two week rampage, soldiers and civilians alike were dragged out and slaughtered, one by one. In Asmund’s history books, it is referred to as The First Purge, one they wish to repeat.

The First Migration

Asmund, for some reason, pulled back after the masacre, ending the first, and so far only, Great War in the Wayfarer Isles. Of the many men, women and children who perished that day, Ysal Taffy was the one that ended up finding his true heroism in his final moments. He stood, and fought, as his crew loaded on hundreds of subspecies to be taken away, saved from the Asmundians. In the end, Ysal and his two closest Lieutenants are credited with saving 450 lives. The directions he told them to sail led them to modern day Ystaff, settled by the refugees and named after Ysal Taffy.


In the coming years, subspecies and humans alike, displaced from the long war, flooded into the now nearly empty Si’Dan. The pure influx of refugees, coupled together with the non-existent political structure of the destroyed city state caused large slums to develop around Si’Dan’s port districts. The few who found employment were those with useful trade skills, artisans and craftsmen who helped the rebuilding of Si’Dan. Today, the city state boasts the largest artisan districts in the Isles, even larger than the Asmundian.

Little Asmund, the summer home on the western shore, was repurposed for subspecies political figures, making it a very lucrative position. Tensions rose as people battled over the surplus of highly influential positions in a city with so little policing. The lack of security and enforcement also meant thieves, cutthroats and vagabonds flourished within the slums and high society alike, their wet dreams coming true in this new, wild world.

First Migration

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