The Dragon's Left Ear

Known Information


The Dragon’s Left Ear is one of the most visited local establishments in the Docks, the southern part of the Eastern District. While regarded as a “successfull” business, it is visited mostly by lowlifes, down-on-their-luck adventurers, and job seeking locals. The long title has created a shorthand of just The Ear.
Even though it is frequented by nearly every type of imaginable scum from around the poorer districts of Si’Dan, The Dragon’s Left Ear has not had a brawl in over 20 years due to the ban on weapons inside the establishment, as well as the might of Jedoor and Turan at the door.
One can always find the man you want in The Dragon’s Left Ear!


Owned and managed by Boren.
Security Personel: Jedoor and Turan.
Serving Girls: The Maidens.
Extra “Serving” Girls: The Fancy Women.

A large, mostly human-looking character with a glorious mustache. He is the bartender and establisher of the tavern, as well as one of the richest men in the Eastern District.

Jedoor and Turan
Jedoor is a half-orc, focusing on unarmed combat. His physical appearance is striking, with dark green, nearly brown skin and an orange mohawk pointing straight up. The mohawk is dyed, though dont point it out if you value the use of your arms. Jedoor is formidable, standing at 2.2 meters tall, and able to outmanuever and outgrapple almost any foe.

Turan is one of the few Dragonborn left in Si’Dan after the First Migration, making him a relic as well as a sight to be feared. He is a soldier through and through, having served during the war on the front lines. However, this has not made him a hardass. Quite the opposite, Turan is charismatic and enjoys chasing all kinds of tail around the districts of Si’Dan.
It is a well known fact that Turan is equally formidable with or without his favoured scimitar due to his proficiency in magic. During the war, an accident involving several Asmundian mages ended in his right arm being infused with Lorium causing it to store and transfer magic with tremendous power. It also glows a slight blue, making him a big hit at parties.

The Maidens
Unlike the other serving girls, The Maidens are not prostitutes nor are patrons allowed to touch them. The introduction of working girls who are not “working” caused an uproar when first introduced at the tavern, but only lasted roughly 45 seconds before Turan managed to smack 14 heads together at once using a strong left hook, some good aim, and well placed seating arrangement. The infamous 14-head smack is still spoken of today, and theories run wild from it having been a publicity stunt to Turan using his signature magic to alter factors that evening. Regardless, since that day, two things have been established: no one touches the Maidens, and Turan is one beast at dominoes.

The Fancy Women
Ranging from local whores to upper-class dames, The Fancy Women is the local Prostitutes guild, prefering to be refered to by their guild name. The operate out of several establishments in Si’Dan, including The Ear. Many middle-class women make it their jobs and generate a fiar income for themselves through the guild. The Maidens and The Fancy Women work side by side in The Ear, neither having hard feelings for the other, knowing they are both needed at the tavern. They can be distinguished by a purple sash hanging from their waists, with the emblem of an open white rose at the hem.

The Dragon's Left Ear

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